Pordenone, 1976 – Theatrical Director

Eleonora Pippo prrtrait drawn by Davide Toffolo
She directed ‘Cinque allegri ragazzi morti IL MUSICAL LO-Fi’, ‘Marburg’ (Guillem Clua), ’Save your wish’ (Elena Arcuri), ‘Come fu che in Italia scoppio’ la rivoluzione ma nessuno se ne accorse’ (Davide Carnevali), ‘Ulisse chatta con gli dei, Amleto gioca alla playstation, Raskolnikov legge fumetti’ (Villiam Klimacek), ‘Sotterraneo’ (J.M. Benet i Jornet), ‘Cinque donne con lo stesso vestito’ (Alan Ball), ‘Yumiura’ (Yasunari Kawabata).

She studied at Scuola del Teatro Stabile di Torino, with the company Via Negativa in Ljubjana and with Thomas Ostermeier and Agrupacio?n Sen?or Serrano (Biennale College Teatro / La Biennale di Venezia) and with Richard Maxwell/New York City Players.

She won Scintille Award in 2010 at Asti Teatro Festival.




The girls are losing contol. The society is afraid of them. The end is blue.

This is the last masterpiece by Ratigher, one of the greatest italian cartoonists, winner of Micheluzzi Award for BEST COMIC BOOK at Napoli COMICON 2015 and it is about two middle school teenage girls’ friendship and their passion for medical exams. Like anyone who doesn’t go on a straight path, the girls are held back and unpopular. but their bond gives them the strength to keep standing out. They will be divided, as an attempt to tame them and bring them back to standards, drama will come. The ending is unexpected: so much it is not described with words but with a colour, blue.

 The girls has been produced with PrimaOMai (primaomai.com), a new form of crowdfunding, started by their author, who, in June 2014 launched the website and printed copies just for the ones (people or publishing houses like Saldapress and  Grzzztic Edizioni) who had ordered within 30 days. 1100 copies were sold, and in the italian market that means it was a complete success. But The Girls are losing control. The society is afraid of them. The End is blue is so much more than a hit.


BOOKTRAILER: https://vimeo.com/98268238



Pavia, 1978 – Cartoonist

Born in 1978. He starts drawing and publishes his own comics in 1998. His stories and figures feature on KR, Il mirabolante almanacco dei f.lli Mattioli, Carmilla, Petrolio, Fandango, Carta. In Bologna, during 2001, he founds the label DIY Donna Bavosa, together with Tuono Pettinato and J.D. Raudo, and uses it to publish comic books and punk records. He keeps publishing with independent magazine such as Lamette, Nervi, Monipodio, Inguine; he makes a volume of the series 25 disegni with Alessandro Baronciani.  He was featured on Vice Magazine, making a series out of Bimbo Fango and creating the series “fumetti a caso” . He has been part of the IUK group  for two years, publishing the series Vita a 3000 on the monthly magazine  XL, by Repubblica.

Recently, he has been working his heart out on the new group of cartoonists he is part of, i Super Amici (Maicol&Mirco, Dr.Pira, Tuono Pettinato, LRNZ) that created the magazine Hobby Comics for Grrrzetic and the first free-press comic book, Pic Nic, where he works as the editor. In the self production field, he works with the association ZOOO.ORG. He teaches in IED in Roma. His first comic book ” TRAMA il peso di una testa mozzata” was published 2011 by Grrrzetic. He lives in Vasto.

Since March 2017 he has been the editorial director of Coconino Press – Fandango.



People-specific creation for girls under 18 and their communities” is the new people-specific theatrical project conceived and directed by the director Eleonora Pippo that investigates the feelings of growth and identity.

The work is based on the homonymous comic drama by Ratigher, winner of the prestigious Micheluzzi Award for Best Comic at the Naples COMICON 2015, which tells the story of the friendship of two middle-school girls who are into medical exams. The theatrical project is based on assembling temporary local companies made up of girls between the ages of 13 and 18, who work together with the director to create an original performance in seven days. The performance is built on the features of the girls involved and make use of the audience’s active participation. Each show becomes unique, different and unpredictable. Strongly linked to the humanity of the young interpreters and the community to which they belong.

An experience of authentic comparison devoid of aestheticism that starts from the premise that life is manifested in imperfection.

THE BLUE END, installation

The narration uses an hybrid language. An integral part of the staging is the installation The blue end by Eleonora Pippo herself. The work is a variation of the third and last act of the pièce and it is set up in a dedicated room, which can be visited in the days before the show goes on stage. This is an inflatable sculpture depicting the gigantic blue cartoon girl of Ratigher’s comic book, accompanied by a sound contribution for which Pippo entrusts the interpretation of the thirteen-year-old protagonists to the solo voice of Davide Panizza, founder and leader of the irreverent musical group and artistic collective Pop X.

The project The girls are losing control. The society is afraid of them. The end is blue. is co-produced by Teatro della Tosse from Genova and Eleonora Pippo with the cooperation of Coconino Press-Fandango and Kilowatt Festival.